Saturday, October 16, 2010

Why is everyone concentrating on the negatives?

I am moving to the United Kingdom! Yes I know... ' haven't you heard of a small thing called the recession?'... Funnily enough, under this rock that I live under, I do get TV reception. So I have checked out of this cave and booked myself a flight to see what sort of life I can carve out.

No matter where you are going or intending to do... if it is different from what your friends and family are doing it may be hard for them to accept. This is something all travellers making the big move should be prepared to come across. Just make sure your inner voice is louder than the outside influences.

The reasons I decided to go are purely selfish. I have always wanted to do this. It is this stupid childhood dream that has propelled me to leave friends, family and a good career to become a student... again!!! The funny thing about it is even though I am TERRIFIED at the moment I feel as if everyone else is more worried than me. This is starting to concern me because either I am a) in denial b) completely incapable or c) they are hiding something from me...

Yet this brings me to wonder.... why are we so preoccupied with everyone else's life?

Is it a distraction method similar to 'hey look over there!'?
If we are looking at one hand gesturing to the idiot with a one way ticket to Europe do we miss that fact that the other hand is inappropriately touching up someone else's wife? The problem within our own homes do not disappear when we discuss someone else's 'faults' they simply become the sideline act for that moment in time. Do we really need to take a break from moaning about our lives to complain about our neighbors life? It is like breaking your leg to help you forget the fact you broke your arm... no logic! As the problem is still there and now you can't even walk away from it. Moaning about someone else just aggravates the fact that you are unhappy! This negative emotion is what you will emanate.

I am taking a big plunge! This is a life changing event and often people would love the opportunity to do something like this. Yet if the fortuity never manifests itself is it more a lack of looking as opposed to a lack of opportunity? Or are we looking for the wrong thing? Perception is a powerful tool that is can be used the wrong way... to find lack instead of abundance!

It might not work out the way I envision but it could also be just want I am after. I truly believe that every moment, every event and every person has affected me has been the 'best thing that could ever happen to me'! I do not know everything but I know I cannot fail. Failure is a self fulfilling prophecy. Something that only occurs when you bring it into existence. I know that my move will not go to plan because nothing in life goes to plan. You simply adapt to the situation that has been given to you.

So I hope the next time we turn to someone to 'poo poo' their idea we take a moment... what is it really that we are complaining about? Honestly look into our hearts and figure out what we are trying to distract from. Take your energy back from other people and lay it within yourself. If your home is broken do not attempt to mend your neighbor's home when you have no tools, nor the experience to do so. It is hard to do... sit back and reflect on our own lives but we would all be better off if we did so.

The point of this post? To highlight some of the negativity that will surround your big move. You are excited yet your love ones may not match your enthusiasm. Sometimes you have to remember that they are concerned for you and that there may be other reasons why they are so negative. Just take a deep breathe, listen to their concerns and reassure them assertively that this is something you need and want to do.

If they continue? Then explain in detail WHY you need to explore your world. I had to do this as I had a negative friend update me with constant updates on every piece of bad news coming out of the UK. It is one thing to be informed but this was becoming overwhelming. I wrote him a lengthy letter thanking him for his concern, explaining my reasons then asking him to respect MY decision. He was very supportive afterwards. I hope you do not meet with the same animosity when you surprise your circle with your grand plans but if you do I know you will be able to deal with it!

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